Upgrading and Downgrading


We do recommend you manually back up your database periodically for better availability and efficient disaster recovery. See System Requirements

Upgrading Reality Hub does not require uninstalling the previous version as such the downgrading process also does not require uninstalling the newer version.

For the sake of an example, assume that you are using Reality Hub version 1.4.x, and you want to upgrade to version 1.5.3. This action does not require you to uninstall 1.4.x.

If you changed application parameters such as HTTP IP Address, HTTP Port, etc., every configured parameter would automatically come while upgrading.

Every upgrade creates a backup of your current database automatically. For more details visit the Database Backup and Restore section.


In any case, if you need to proceed with a downgrade, we firmly recommend you contact our Technical Support Department for assistance.

To downgrade Reality Hub 1.5.3 to previous versions, you must uninstall Reality Hub Server 1.5.3 and Reality Loader first.

For instance, if you want to downgrade from version 1.5.3 to 1.3, you have to uninstall Reality Hub Server 1.5.3 and Reality Loader.

Uninstalling Reality Hub won't result in data loss, but it's advisable to back up your system as a precaution.

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