Reality Distribution Content

Reality Distro package is delivered in the form of an ISO file. This ISO file contains all necessary components for installation and setup.


  1. Reality Setup 5.4 SP1: This executable file initiates the installation process. It is the primary setup application for the software distribution.

  2. Package Folder:

    • AJA: Contains firmware updates and drivers for AJA hardware.

      • Firmware: Includes firmware update files for AJA devices.

      • ntv2watcher: Contains an application for monitoring AJA devices.

      • ntv2driver: Installs drivers for AJA devices.

    • Lens Calibration: Holds JSON files for broadcast lens calibration, supporting various camera models.

    • Tools: Contains additional utility tools.

    • Zero Density License Manager: Includes the license management application for Zero Density software.

Detailed Contents

  1. AJA Folder:

    • Firmware

      • ntv2firmwareinstaller (EXE): Firmware installer application.

      • corvid 44 (BIT FILE): Firmware for Corvid 44.

      • corvid 88 (BIT FILE): Firmware for Corvid 88.

      • c44 12G 8k tprom (BIT FILE): Firmware for C44 12G 8k.

    • ntv2watcher

      • ntv2watcher (EXE): Application for monitoring AJA devices.

      • Various Application Extension DLL Files: Supporting files for ntv2watcher.

    • ntv2driver Windows Installer Package (MSI): Driver installation package for AJA devices.

  2. Lens Calibration Folder:

    • Broadcast Lens Calibration Files (JSON):

      • CJ14x4.3

      • CJ25x7.6

      • CJ12eX4.3b

      • FR7_FE4_PZ28-135_G_OSS.zdlens

      • Panasonic_UE150

  3. Tools Folder:

    • 7za (EXE): Utility tool for file compression and decompression.

  4. Zero Density License Manager Folder:

    • zdlicense (EXE): Application for managing licenses for Zero Density software.

Additional Software

  • Reality Hub is included in the distribution but is not part of the ISO file and must be downloaded separately.

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