Before you begin, we suggest you use laser distance meter for accurate measurement.

Before utilizing the Curve XR node, it's essential to perform certain preparatory measurements to ensure accuracy and optimal performance.

  • Measuring Pitch Angle: Determine the angle of your LED screen relative to the floor to fine-tune the setup via the Pitch Angle property.

  • Measuring Individual Cells: Measure the width and height of individual cells/modules of the LED screen for input into the Cell Width and Cell Height properties.

  • Counting Cell Number: Determine the number of cells installed horizontally and vertically for configuring Columns Count and Rows Count properties.

  • Measuring Corner Inclinations: Measure the differences in angles between upper and lower corners of the LED display and input the results into Left Tilt/Roll and Right Tilt/Roll properties.

  • Measuring Height Offset: Measure the height of supporting structures (ramps) for the LED display and input the result into the Height Offset property.

  • Measuring LED Display Position: Use studio origin as the starting point to measure the LED display's location, then input the measurements into Left Point and Right Point properties.