The Specs section displays detailed hardware and operating system information for your Engine(s), including GPU details, vendor information, and system specifications. This section is divided into five subsections:

  • CPU Info

  • GPU Info

  • OS Info

  • Memory

  • Video I/O

CPU Info

The CPU Info subsection provides the following information about your Engine's central processing unit (CPU):

  • Architecture: The CPU's microarchitecture design.

  • Frequency: The clock speed at which the CPU operates.

  • Logical: The number of logical CPU cores.

  • Model: The model number or designation of the CPU.

  • Physical: The number of physical CPU cores.

  • Units: Details about CPU instruction sets or processing units.

  • Vendor: The manufacturer or vendor of the CPU.

GPU Info

The GPU Info subsection presents essential information about the graphics processing unit (GPU) installed in your Engine:

  • Device: The name or model of the GPU device.

  • Driver: The version number of the GPU driver installed on the system.

  • Memory: Details about the GPU's memory capacity and type.

  • PCI: Information about the PCI Express (PCIe) interface version used by the GPU.

OS Info

The OS Info subsection offers key information about the operating system (OS) installed on your Engine:

  • Name: The name of the operating system.

  • Version: The version number of the operating system.


The Memory subsection provides vital information about the system's memory configuration:

  • Physical: Details about the physical RAM installed in the system, including capacity and type.

  • Virtual: Information about virtual memory settings and configurations, which includes swap space and paging file usage.

Video I/O

The Video I/O subsection offers details about the video input/output (I/O) devices connected to your Engine:

  • Device: The model of the video I/O device.

  • Driver: Shows the driver version.

  • Firmware: Displays the firmware date.

  • Serial: The serial number of the video I/O device.

If multiple video I/O cards are installed, all devices will be listed within this section.

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