Launcher Interface

Launcher Module consists of the following sections:

Launch Configurations: The section where you can Add and Delete a launch configuration. Changing the Configuration Mode, launching, stopping, and re-timing an engine also occurs inside the Launch Configuration section.

Renderers: It is the section where you can specify the details of your project to be rendered.

User Interface Elements

  1. Filter: A tool used to refine the search results of launch configurations.

  2. Name: The name of the launch configuration. It is editable and must be unique for each configuration.

  3. Status: The status indicator provides information on the current operational state of the Engine or Engine Groups, visually conveying their availability. This icon is a crucial tool for understanding the Engine(s) status. Also, see Engine Status Colors.

  4. Mode: 4.1 Live Mode: This mode is designed to prevent certain operations during a live event that might cause unwanted interference. In the Live Mode, deleting a renderer configuration, modifying Actions, and using Advanced Preview Monitor features are disabled. 4.2 Configuration Mode: This mode has no operation restrictions; you can use all licensed features without limitation.

  5. ReTime: This button synchronizes your gen-lock time and I/O systems, including tracking and Video I/O.

  6. Launch/Stop: This button launches and stops the single or multiple engines belonging to the configuration.

  7. Add: The button for adding a new launch configuration.

  8. Delete: Removes selected single or multiple launch configurations.

  9. Filter: A tool for refining the search results of renderer configurations.

  10. Engine Name: Engine display name defined in the Configuration. See Adding Host

  11. Project: Area for selecting a Project, Map, and Engine Type (Reality Engine or Unreal Engine) to be launched by Reality Hub. See Project Configuration

  12. Map: The name of the map you want to launch.

  13. Engine Type: The icon that indicates the engine type.

  14. Engine Version: The section where you can inspect the Engine version.

  15. Graph/UState: Field for selecting or removing a Graph/UState to be loaded by Reality Hub when you start the Launch. See also UState and Graphs

  16. FPS: This field shows your Engine’s FPS rate when it runs.

  17. Control: The button displayed in this field starts and stops an individual renderer. The Stop function is available only in Configuration Mode.

  18. Status: An indicator of the current status of the single renderer Engine. See Engine Status Colors

  19. System Usage: Visual indicators on CPU, RAM, GPU, and GMEM.

  20. Scan: This button starts the folder scanning operation. See Folder Scanning

  21. Update Launch Settings: This button allows you to launch your project with additional settings, such as running your project without sound (NoSound).

  22. Add: Adds a new renderer configuration.

  23. Delete: Removes a selected renderer configuration. You must change your launch Mode from Live Mode to Configuration Mode to delete a renderer configuration.

Get Start Parameters: Exclusive to the Unreal Engine environment, the button in the image above lets you get the necessary parameters to monitor your scene in the Editor Mode. See Controlling Unreal Engine