Duplicating Keyframes

It is possible to duplicate single keyframe, multiple keyframes and animations with their interpolations.

Copying a Single Keyframe

Choose a keyframe and use ⌃ CTRL + C. Move the playhead to a different timestamp, then employ ⌃ CTRL + V.

Copying Multiple Keyframes

Select two or more keyframes, then apply ⌃ CTRL + C. Change the playhead to another timestamp, and utilize ⌃ CTRL + V.

Copying Animation

Mark the keyframes consisting of the animation, then click ⌃ CTRL + C. Advance the playhead to a different timestamp, and activate ⌃ CTRL + V.


When you copy the last keyframe(s) and paste it at a different time, it will not appear as a new keyframe at that point. Instead, it merges with the existing keyframe at the new timestamp.

This is intentional because, Reality Hub assumes you want to extend the animation by holding the final state (from the last keyframe) for a longer duration.

To set an example, assume that you have a bouncing ball animation. You define its position at the top of the bounce (one keyframe) and its position at the bottom (the last keyframe). If you copy the bottom keyframe and paste it a little further on the timeline, it wouldn't make the ball hang in the air for a longer time. It would just overwrite the existing "bottom" keyframe, keeping the animation the same.


Animations with Initial Keyframe cannot be copy pasted.

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