Swizzle Node

The Swizzle node allows you to combine up to four input textures into a single output texture, with fine-grained control over how each channel is used.

It achieves this by selecting specific channels from each input texture and optionally applying multipliers and offsets before combining them into the output texture.

The Swizzle node has four property groups Red, Gree, Blue, Alpha. Under the groups Source, Channel, Multiplier, and Offset properties are commons such as RedSource, AlphaSource, or GreenMultiplier, BlueMultiplier, etc.

How to Use the Swizzle Node

  1. Add a Swizzle node to nodegraph canvas.

  2. Connect inputs to desired textures you want to combine to input pins of the Swizzle node.

The Swizzle node has four input pins named "Input1" to "Input4". These pins accept textures as input.

  1. Configure Source Channels

  2. Adjust Channel Modifiers

  3. Connect the Output

Additional Notes

• While the node supports up to four input textures, you can use less than four by leaving unused input pins unconnected.

• The source channels, multipliers, and offsets provide a high degree of flexibility in how you combine textures. Experiment with these settings to achieve the desired effects.