Node Structure

Node is processing unit that performs various operations on the input data.

A node has various visual attributes, as shown in the image above:

  1. Frame Time: Shows the time a node's processing occurs within a specific frame.

  2. FPS (Frames Per Second): The rate at which the node processes frames, indicating the number of frames it handles in one second.

  3. Additional Node Information: Supplementary details about the node, providing additional context.

  4. Node Name: Identifier for the node. Except for Engine node you can define a custom name for a node. See Operating Nodegraph.

  5. Node Type: Specifies the type of the node, indicating the specific function it performs in the processing pipeline.

  6. Node Connection (Input): Represents the incoming data connection to the node, showing where the data is sourced from in the Nodegraph.

  7. Input Pin (Connected): Indicates the specific input pin on the node that is currently connected.

  8. Selected Node Indicator: Highlights the node currently selected.

  9. Property Name: Refers to the properties of the node.

  10. Output Pin (Connected): Indicates the specific output pin on the node that is currently connected, detailing where the processed data is sent to.

  11. Node Connection (Output): Represents the outgoing data connection from the node.