Multiple Node Operations

Reality Hub offers various user experiences for multiple node operations such as selecting and moving multiple nodes.

When you select multiple nodes, moving one will cause all of them to move together.

Marquee Selection

Marquee Selection allows you to select block of nodes without taking their connection logic into consideration.

To utilize Marquee Selection:

  • Left click and hold on your mouse button.

  • Drag your mouse over a node tree.

The image above illustrates Marquee Selection inside Nodegraph Canvas.

Sequential Selection

Sequential Selection refers to selecting more than one node individually.

To do that:

  • Click and hold ^ CTRL button on your keyboard.

  • Left click on a node.

  • Without releasing the ^ CTRL button, click on another node.

Selecting Interconnected Nodes

Interconnected Nodes refer to a node tree with established connections. When you select Interconnected Nodes, it allows you to select, move and inspect logically connected nodes within the node tree by highlighting the previous connections of a selected node.

To select an Interconnected Node Tree:

  • Click and hold the ⇧ Shift key on your keyboard.

  • Hover your mouse over a specific node within the nodegraph canvas.

Your last action highlights the focused node and its previous connections, as shown in the image above.