Operating Playout

This section utilizes Reality Example project with Main Level Map.


  • Launch the Reality Example project with Main Level Map through the Launcher module.

  • Create the node network, and then activate the APM, as shown in the image above.

  • Locate the Spotlight_Controls_2.jxd and copy its file path.

Default file path for Spotlight_Controls_2.jxd: C:\Program Files\Zero Density\Reality\5.4\Templates\TP_RE_ExampleTemplate\Resources

  • Activate the Form Builder module, then click on the Import button, as shown above.

  • Click on the Template File button and import the Spotlight_Controls_2.jxd file.

  • Click on the Open Form button and select the Spotlight_Controls_2, as illustrated above.

Spotlight_Controls_2 template form is successfully imported.

  • Switch to the Playout module.

Playout Operations

As soon as you switch to the Playout module, Spotlight_Controls_2 template form will be listed inside the Templates section. Selecting is shows its details, as illustrated above.

  • Drag & drop the Spotlight_Controls_2 template into Rundown Area.

Now you can transmit Spotlight_Controls_2 property changes into your pipeline.

Non-RT (Realtime) Operations

In the example above, Realtime (RT) option was enabled. If you enable the RT on a component inside the Form Builder, it implies that any modifications made will be immediately reflected in the live environment.

In some workflows, non-Realtime workflow may be preferred. To achieve it, first you have to disable it inside the Form Builder, then save the form template, as illustrated above.

Assigning Shortcut

  • Make sure that you enabled Show In Rundown option in the Field Settings of a button, as shown above.

  • Click on the Edit Keyboard Shortcuts button, select a Rundown Item

  • Click on a three-button combination on your keyboard that contains two of the ⌃ CTRL, ⌥ ALT, and ⇧ SHIFT buttons and one other character. (Example ⌃ CTRL + ⌥ ALT + ⇧ SHIFT + K)

Various special characters and keyboard shortcuts may not work in your case. To set an example, if you try to assign ⌃ CTRL + ⇧ SHIFT + N button combination will fail because the keyboard combination is already assigned to the New Incognito Window shortcut of the browser.

  • Click on the Edit Keyboard Shortcut button again.

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