Reality License Backup and Restore

With the version 1.5, Zero Density License Manager supports Backup feature allows you creating backups and restoring them when needed.


  • Backup: Creates backup of Zero Density License Manager related program data files and folders.

  • Restore: Allows you to restore your backup.


  • Navigate to the Backup section in the Application Menu.

  • Select the Backup option to initiate the backup process.

  • You will be informed about backup process, click Ok.

  • Choose the destination folder.

  • Your data will be compressed and saved as a *.zdbackup file.

Backup successfully completed.


  • Navigate to the Restore section in the Application Menu.

  • Select the Restore option to begin the restoration process.

  • Choose the backup file (*.zdbackup) containing your data to restore.

Restoring is successfully completed.

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