Reality Actor Spawning


  • Drag & drop UE5 process node into Nodegraph canvas.

  • Select the UE5 node, go to expand Control and then expand the Spawn Actor property group in the Node Details Panel, as illustrated above.

Spawn Actor property group consist of the following properties:

  • Actor List: A dropdown menu for listing and selecting an actor to be spawned.

  • Spawn to World Coordinates: If you enable the checkbox, your actor will be spawned in the center of your scene. If the checkbox disabled, then actor will be spawned into tracking origin.

  • Spawn Location / Rotation / Scale: Transform properties of your actor to be spawned.


  • Create UserTrack, UE5 and Sink nodes, activate the APM on RealityCamera output pin, as illustrated above.

  • Select the UE5 node, go to Property section of the Node Details Panel, as shown in the image above.

  • Select the Blueprint Effect Fire from the Actor List dropdown menu.

  • Enable the Spawn To World Coordinates by clicking on its checkbox.

  • Click on the Spawn Actor button.

Spawned actors are always listed inside the Reality Actos folders, as illustrated above.

To delete a spawned actor:

  • Hover your mouse over an actor that located under the Reality Actors folder.

  • Right click and select the Delete Actor option, as shown in the image above.

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