Nodegraph/Actions is an integrated set of modules that allows you to use different tools in a unified user interface.

In Reality Hub terminology, modules are either Engine Specific or Engines Agnostic.

Engine Specific Module

The term "Engine Specific Module" refers to a module that has the capability to adapt to the type of Engine being used.

Depending on the Engine type, the Nodegraph adapts and changes accordingly.

Nodegraph and Properties and Functions modules are Engine Specific Modules.

To set an example if the Engine is Reality 5, Nodegraph will adopt a node-based pipeline as shown in the image above.

If your Engine type is Unreal Engine Vanilla 5.3, then Nodegraph turns into a UState workflow, as illustrated above.

Engine Agnostic Module

The term "Engine Agnostic Module" refers to a module that remains consistent regardless of the type of Engine being used.

The workflow and user interface (UI) remain unchanged no matter the Engine type in use. In other words, Agnostic modules stay the same regardless of the Engine type.

The following modules are by design Engine Agnostic:

  • Actions

  • Configuration

  • Form Builder

  • Launcher

  • Newsroom

  • Playout

  • User Management

  • Hardware Monitor

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