Creating Administrator Account

To create an administrator account:

  • Activate the User Management module by going to Menu > Windows > User Management

  • Expand the Users and Group property.

  • Click on the Add new user icon.

  • Enter a username and click OK.

  • Go to the Administrator's user's details on the left, click on its name.

  • Define personal information (First Name, Last Name, Password) in the Details section.

You need to define a password for each newly created user to allow that user to login into the system. Later users can change their password.

  • Go to the Group Assignment (Member Of) section.

  • Click on the plus icon, select the Administrators, and click on the Select button.

  • Go to the Reserved Licenses section.

  • Click on the + (Plus) icon.

  • In the pop-up menu, select the licenses you would like to reserve for the user and click on the OK. button.

  • Delete the Studio Configuration and Studio Operation policy presets.

Your User Management configuration should look like in the image above.

  • Log out from the admin account.

  • Login to Reality Hub with the new administrator account.