License Reservation

License Reservation is a feature where you can dedicate one or more user licenses to a specific user. You can think of it as being a permanent member of a specific user feature.

The example diagram shows that we have:

  • Two Playout licenses are available.

  • Four users share the same Policy and User Group.

Depending on the example, the following conditions apply:

  • USER A can always have access to the Playout module.

  • Since one Playout license is reserved for USER A, only one of the other users (USER B, C, D) will be allowed to use the Playout module at a time no matter the USER A is using the feature or not.

Reserving a license to a user alone doesn't mean that the user will have access to the feature automatically. Accessing a feature still needs to be configured through the Policies. Briefly, to access a specific user feature, your policy must allow you accordingly.

To reserve a license:

  • Select a username from the All Users group.

  • Go to the Reserved Licenses section inside the Details Panel.

  • Click on the + (plus) icon

  • Select a license and click OK

You can also bulk-select licenses by clicking and holding the control button.

License reservation is successful.