RealityHub 1.2
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Adding Groups

RealityHub allows you to group your Hosts to control various features, such as launching all Engines simultaneously or assigning channels to a group of Engines.
It is an essential feature for multiple engine configurations.
Default Engine Grouping Interface
When you choose the Groups for the first time, it looks like the image above.
To add a Group:
  • Go to Main Menu and select the Configuration
  • Select the Groups under the Engines
New Host Group Window
  • Click on the + (Plus) button to Add New Host Group
  • Define a New Group Name in the pop-up menu and click OK.
To Assign an Engine(s) to the Group you defined:
Assigning Group to Engine
  • Select the Group you defined earlier
  • Go to the Assigned Engine section
  • Click on + (Plus) button inside the Assign Engines to the Group
  • In the pop-up menu, click on the Engine name, then click Select
You can select multiple engines individually by pressing the CTRL button. For a bulk selection, press the SHIFT button on your keyboard.
Assigned Engines to a Group
Your Host Group is ready.