RealityHub 1.2
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User Management Configuration

User Management UI
User Management is the RealityHub interface that allows you to Add, Delete, and Logout users and define their roles as Administrators or Users within the system. RealityHub has two different user models:
  • Admin: An authorized user who can create new users, assign and change roles, log out selected accounts, and be capable of auditing the Administration section. See also Licensing
  • User: A user without user management rights.
To access User Management:
  • Go to the Main Menu and select the Configuration
  • Select the User Management under the Administration

Adding a New User

  1. 1.
    Click on the + (Plus) and Add a new user
New User Window
When you click on the + (Plus) button, Add a New User window appears, as shown in the image above. You can now specify the new users’ details.
Please keep that in mind; administration credentials are defined during the installation. Check Installation