Reality Distribution Content

Reality Distro package is delivered in the form of an ISO file. This ISO file contains all necessary components for installation and setup.


  1. Reality Setup 5.3: This executable file initiates the installation process. It is the primary setup application for the software distribution.

  2. Package Folder:

    • AJA: Contains firmware updates and drivers for AJA hardware.

      • Firmware: Includes firmware update files for AJA devices.

      • ntv2watcher: Contains an application for monitoring AJA devices.

      • ntv2driver: Installs drivers for AJA devices.

    • Lens Calibration: Holds JSON files for broadcast lens calibration, supporting various camera models.

    • Tools: Contains additional utility tools.

    • Zero Density License Manager: Includes the license management application for Zero Density software.

Detailed Contents

  1. AJA Folder:

    • Firmware

      • ntv2firmwareinstaller (EXE): Firmware installer application.

      • corvid 44 (BIT FILE): Firmware for Corvid 44.

      • corvid 88 (BIT FILE): Firmware for Corvid 88.

      • c44 12G 8k tprom (BIT FILE): Firmware for C44 12G 8k.

    • ntv2watcher

      • ntv2watcher (EXE): Application for monitoring AJA devices.

      • Various Application Extension DLL Files: Supporting files for ntv2watcher.

    • ntv2driver Windows Installer Package (MSI): Driver installation package for AJA devices.

  2. Lens Calibration Folder:

    • Broadcast Lens Calibration Files (JSON):

      • CJ14x4.3

      • CJ25x7.6

      • FR7_FE4_PZ28-135_G_OSS.zdlens

      • Panasonic_UE150

  3. Tools Folder:

    • 7za (EXE): Utility tool for file compression and decompression.

  4. Zero Density License Manager Folder:

    • zdlicense (EXE): Application for managing licenses for Zero Density software.

Additional Software

  • Reality Hub is included in the distribution but is not part of the ISO file and must be downloaded separately from the ISO file.

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