Dynamic Nodes

With Reality 5.3 and 5.3 SP1, Make and Break Operations was achieved using dedicated Make and Break nodes, such as Make Track, Break Track, etc. With SP2, Make and Break node categories are removed. The updated workflow removed the need for dealing with notable quantity of specialized Make and Break nodes and introduce a more dynamic approach.

Dynamic nodes involve creation of connections between compatible pins to facilitate the extraction and manipulation of specific data.


For instance, to obtain Lens Distortion data from a Xync node, you can add a Break node to the canvas and connect the Track output pin of the Xync node directly to the Break node's Input.

Currently, dynamic nodes are follows:

  • Arithmetic

    • Add

    • Div

    • Exp

    • Log

    • Mul

    • Sub

  • Array

  • Break

  • Delay

  • Indexer

  • MakeDynamic

  • Sink

  • Reroute

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