What's New

Reality 5.3 SP2 distribution introduces new features, enhancements, and bug fixes aimed at improving the overall user experience and functionality.


  • FreeD tracking input node no longer requires license.

  • AJAOut node now supports multiple outputs.

  • Unicode text encoding is now supported.

  • The Hardware Monitor is introduced as a new module in Reality Hub.

  • Numerical inputs user experience is enhanced.

  • Reality Camera now supports Volumetric Ambient Occlusion masking in Shadow Rendering pass.

  • Reality distribution now includes several broadcast lens calibration files.

  • Cyclorama node now supports importing custom mesh via FBX file format.

  • We are also excited to deliver Fly Cam with tracked talent through the TrackedTalentFly node. (experimental).

Reality 5.3 SP2 Software Component Versions

This distribution updates the software components to the following versions:

Unreal Engine 5.3.2

  • Reality UE5 Plugin | Version 1.2

  • Nodos Link UE5 Plugin | Version 1.1

Nodos 1.1

  • ZD Plugins | Version 1.2

Reality Hub 1.5

License Manager 1.4

What's New in Reality 5.3 SP2 Distribution

Each software component updates are listed in their respective section below:

Unreal Engine

For Unreal Engine 5.3 release notes, please visit the following link:


Reality UE5 Plugin


  • Reality Camera is now capable of showing debug visualizer for Clipping Plane.

  • Reality Camera now supports Fly Camera offset.

  • Reality Camera now supports Volumetric Ambient Occlusion masking in Shadow Rendering pass.

  • Projection Cube Debug Mode now supports opacity adjustment for projected video texture.


  • Player Pawn sphere in the origin is removed.


  • Dynamic Global Illumination Method was incorrectly set to Lumen in Project Settings defaults.

  • Projected video is not visible when Debug Mode is enabled in the Projection Cube.


  • UE5 node now shows a warning to let you know you're in Editor Mode.

  • UE5 node now displays Shader Compiling information.

  • Child actors attached to an actor are now visible in the Node Details Panel.

  • Streamed Levels are now dynamically loaded.

  • "OnChanged_" event callbacks for Blueprints are now supported.

  • UMG events and functions are now supported.

  • Array support is now available with Track, String, Float, Integer, Color, Vector2d, Vector, Vector4, Linear Color data types in Blueprints.



  • Changing color properties of Point Light actor is ineffective.



  • AJAOut now supports multi-output. You can now output multiple SDI streams.

  • Arrays are now supported. You can create arrays of any data type and get any item through the Index Switcher node.

You can replicate Actor Switching workflow by using Array of transforms and Index Switcher node.

  • String, Bool and Enum type pins are now supported.

  • Nodos engine FPS is now genlocked, therefore the CPU usage is drastically reduced.

  • Unicode text encoding is now supported in Nodos engine.


  • MakeTransform node's default Scale property is incorrect.

ZD Plugins


  • FreeD tracking no longer requires a license.

  • Cube3DLUT node is available. Now you can import *.cube 3DLUT files directly into Nodegraph and use them.

  • Preview output of the Mixer node's now shows Overlay channel.

  • VolumetricCubeMask node's Smoothness now support inward and outward.

  • FreeD node now supports inverting Zoom and Focus encoders.

  • Cyclorama can display its origin point and tracking space zero point in the debug mode.

  • Cyclorama node now supports importing custom cyclorama shapes in FBX format, including their painted textures for smoothness.

  • CompositePasses keying shadow details is improved.

  • UserTrack now supports manual numeric entry. See also GamePad.


  • Center Shift ratio to Track nodes are now compatible with Reality 4.27.

  • Tracking input pin of the CompositePasses node is replaced with Distortion.

  • Lighting input pin of the CompositePasses node is replaced with Shadow.


  • Setting column count to negative in CurveXR node crashes Nodos.

  • Cyclorama has visible gaps between edge stitches of the geometry.

  • Cyclorama node renders the CenterShift with negated Y axis.

  • Distort and Undistort nodes are computing the CenterShift incorrectly.

Reality Hub


  • Hardware Monitor is available for providing you comprehensive insights into various hardware and software metrics crucial for monitoring system performance.

  • You can now copy and paste selected nodes in the Nodegraph to a different Engine or to your local text editor in JSON format.

  • There is a new Property Watch Panel in the Nodegraph editor. You can now observe changes and conduct property operations on pin properties without the need to select their owner node.

  • The Action Timeline now offers enhanced copy/paste functionality, allowing you to duplicate single keyframes, specific ranges of frames, or complete animations with their interpolations.

  • Navigating property inputs forward and backward by using ⇥ TAB and ⇧ SHIFT + ⇥ TAB buttons.

  • Content of the World Outliner now can be sorted alphabetically (A-Z and Z-A) or preserving their original order as defined within the Reality Editor.

  • Custom Launch parameters are available for Reality 4.27. You can now override default launch settings for project-specific configurations.

  • Full screen button added to Main Menu.

  • CII Server is now capable of updating Reality 5.3 properties & trigger its functions.


  • UE5 process node is now locked to prevent accidental access.

  • Visual enhancements in the Engine > Host section of Configuration.

  • The Download button of the External Data component can be triggered via REST API.

  • The texture inputs and outputs have been visually changed to square-shaped appearance for better visibility.


License Manager

The new License Manager version will require PC reactivation.


  • You have now flexibility to manually backup and restore licenses along with their activation status in any case of disk format or OS reinstall.


  • Compatibility with certain AMD motherboards is enhanced.

  • CPU consumption of the License Manager user interface is decreased.

  • System time detection algorithm is improved.

  • Error messages are refined for better clarity.


  • Multiple licenses for the same product are displayed inaccurately.

  • Expired Maintenance label incorrectly displayed as Expired License.

  • If a file path contains unicode characters, license importing get interrupted.

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