AJA Configuration

Before you begin to install and configure AJA drivers and firmware, make sure that you uninstalled all AJA related entities because this process requires clean installation.

  • Supported Driver Version:

  • Firmware Date: 2021/09/16 14:33:45

Card VariantFirmware Name

Corvid44 12G BNC


Corvid 44 BNC




The following guide will utilize a configuration method for AJA Corvid 44 BNC card, but it is also applicable to other certified AJA drivers.


  • Click on the Windows Start button, find the Add or remove programs and run it.

  • Type AJA in the search box, uninstall anything related to AJA.

  • Click on the Windows Start button, find the Computer Management and run it.

  • Go to System Tools > Device Manager > Other Devices and check if your AJA Device is present.


In this stage you have to conduct following operations:

  • AJA Driver Installation

  • AJA Firmware Check

  • AJA Firmware Update (Optional)

AJA Driver Installation

  • Enter the Reality 5.3 Setup Folder.

  • Go to Package > AJA > and click on the ntv2driver-16.2.4 installer package.

The AJA Driver Installation will be carried out silently, and no warning messages will be displayed.

AJA Firmware Check

  • Go to Setup-Reality-5.3.b447 > Package > AJA> ntv2watcher folder.

  • Double click on the ntv2watcher.exe

  • Click on the Info and check the Driver Version and Video Bitfile

If the Firmware (Video Bitfile) is not matching, proceed with AJA Firmware Update.

AJA Firmware Update

If your AJA Firmware (Video Bitfile) is not matching with your AJA Driver, then you have to update your firmware. To do that:

  • Navigate to Setup-Reality-5.3.bXXX > Package > AJA > firmware folder.

  • Launch your preferred command shell within the AJA folder, as demonstrated above.

  • Type the following command as illustrated above and hit enter on your keyboard:

Shall Command
.\ntv2firmwareinstaller -p corvid_44_2021-09-16.bit

Firmware update is succefully done.

  • Restart the computer.

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