Viewport Navigation

To navigate inside Unreal Engine 5.1 without toggling between Engine Display Window and RealityHub, you can employ the following method:

  • Go to Outliner and select Camera Actor

  • Expose the following properties as shown above

  • Create a new Group and rename it, such as Camera Controller

  • Drag and drop Camera Actor Properties into the Camera Controller Group, as shown above

  • Save the Remote Control Preset (RCP)

  • Open the Level Blueprint

  • Create the node tree as shown above

  • Compile and Save the Level Blueprint

  • Go to File > Save All, and close the Unreal Editor

  • Launch the project with RealityHub. Activate the Advanced Preview Monitor (APM) on Channel A

You can now control viewport navigation by adjusting the Camera Controller Group properties, such as Relative Location and Relative Rotation.