Nodegraph is the user interface where you can create a logic-based pipeline (Node Network) with a unique node-based approach.

Reality Hub directly reflects your Reality 5.3 World Outliner properties, functions, and parameters to your Node Details Panel.

Nodegraph also creates representations of your I/O and tracking configurations as nodes and allows you to integrate them into your pipeline.

User Interface

  1. Selected Node in the Node Details Panel.

  2. Reality Actors

  3. Folder

  4. Properties Panel

  5. Property Filter

  6. Property Group

  7. Node Functions

  8. Node Connection

  9. Selected Node. See Node Structure

  10. Fit to Screen

  11. Nodegraph Filter

  12. Root

  13. Graph Name. See Graphs

  14. Nodegraph Menu. See Nodegraph Menu

  15. Gang Mode button. See Gang Mode

  16. Engine Toolbar