Simplifying Node Network

Nodegraph clarity is an important topic for every node-based pipelines. By nature, node networks become complex and hard to read. To address the issue, simplifying tools are essential.

Reality Hub offers Node Context Menu features for better readability such as Portal Pin, Hide Unused Pins, Rename Node, Node Comment, etc.


First Stage

In the first stage, we create Portal Pins for commonly used connections, such as the SingleLink 1 output of the AJAIn node, the Track output pin of the Xync node, and the Lens Distortion output pin of the Break Track nodes.

Second Stage

In the second stage, we group various nodes using the Create Comment From Selection option and assign them meaningful names like Camera Tracking, Talent Tracking, Cyclorama, RealityKeyer, and Compositing and Rendering.

Third Stage

In the third stage, we rename various nodes that share the same name, such as Break Track, Distort, and Undistort nodes, using the Rename option. This helps prevent confusion and incorrect connections when working on relatively complex nodegraph operations.

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