Action Timeline Interface

  1. Add a New Action: This button adds a new action.

  2. Edit Action Channels: This function allows users to target specific engine(s). For more details, visit Channel Assignments

  3. Animation Interpolation: This function allows you to define an animation interpolation type.

  4. Bind Keyframe: This creates a field for the keyframe on the template form, making it dynamic so users can change it during the Playout.

  5. Position: This area shows the time value of your current position inside the timeline. To change its FPS value, visit General Configuration

  6. Action Play: This feature allows you to play/trigger the content you animated.

  7. Time Ruler Reset Button: This button allows you to reset the Time Ruler’s position to zero.

  8. Playhead: Indicates the current position in the Timeline.

  9. Import/Export/Open/Save: Management tools for importing, exporting, opening, and saving Actions.

  10. Keyframe: A point stores the value of a property at a particular position. See Keyframe Types

Action Timeline’s FPS rate might differ from the Reality Engine’s FPS rate.

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