iNEWS Configuration

Before you begin, please keep that in mind, the following configuration is intended to give you an example. In your iNEWS environment, various settings may change.

  • In the iNEWS Directory section, expand the System and double-click on the HTML-PLUGINS.

  • Go to File and select New Story.

  • Define a device name that describes RealityHub in the Slug Name section.

  • Define the Plugin URL mentioned in the previous chapter.

  • Expand the System folder in the iNEWS Directory section and double-click on the MOS-MAP.

  • Change the Slug Name to a MOS-MAP.

  • Define the Slug Content corresponding to your system.

  • Double-click on the MAP in the iNEWS Directory section.

  • Change the Slug Name corresponding to your system.

  • Configure the Slug Content. In this section, you need to specify which MOS device you will use in which Rundowns.

Example IP Mapping     MOSGW       WIN-BVIR@MBFAE     ZDMOSDEV    PRG-5000-PRT
  • Configure your Windows Host file according to your settings as illustrated above.

  • Switch to iNEWS, go to Tools > Plugins, and select the RealityHub plugin.

As soon as you select the RealityHub plugin, the RealityHub MOS Window appears, as shown above.

  • Log in to RealityHub.

  • Go to iNEWS Directory, expand the SHOW section, expand your rundown Folder, and double-click on the RUNDOWN.

  • Create a Slug for your Story.

  • Select your Template Form and modify it if necessary.

  • Save the Template Form.

  • As soon as you save the Template Form, the following changes occur, as shown in the image above:

    • The Drag Button gets activated.

    • MOS Object gets created and selected.

Let's say you make changes to the Template Form based on the selected MOS Object. In such a scenario, the Drag button will disappear. This means: In case of an unsaved Template Form change, the Drag button will not appear until you press the Save button.

  • Drag & drop your Template Form into one of the Story Slug sections, as shown above.

  • Go to Tools and select the Monitor.

  • Click on the Device Activation Checkbox.

  • Click on the Load button, then go to Tools and select the Monitor once again to check if its status is Loaded as illustrated above.

  • Switch to the RealityHub MOS Module and check if the connections are established.

  • Activate the RealityHub Newsroom Module.

  • Select your Newsroom Rundown Item.

Now RealityHub Newsroom Template Form is integrated into iNEWS Rundown and is ready to air.

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