Hotfix Version 1.3.1

Build #303 / Build Date: December 07, 2022




  • Support for SSL via HTTP reverse proxy is added. For more details, visit SSL Configuration

Bug Fixes

CategoryReported BugFix Details

Playout & Newsroom

  • Rundown cannot be loaded if it contains a reference to a deleted Template Form.

  • Fixed

Form Builder

  • Specific property types, such as TimeCodeFSM and ControllerSyncTime crash the Form Builder.

With version 1.3.1, adding such incompatible properties to the Form Builder is prevented.

  • Fixed

Action Timeline

  • Time Ruler is not showing frame steps correctly if the FPS is set to 29.97.

  • Fixed

Asset Browser

  • Asset Browser stops displaying the Shared Folder content after network connection to the folder directory is interrupted.

  • Fixed


  • Nodegraph Editor module consumes the Form Builder & Action Timeline licenses.

Form Builder & Action Builder modules now do not hold license slots when closed.

  • Fixed

Action Timeline

Changing a keyframe type to the Initial makes it uneditable.

  • Fixed

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