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Utilizing Initial Keyframe

This section uses the MainLevel map of the RealityExamples template, compatible with Reality Engine version 4.27. It is the default project that comes with a fresh installation. After launching the Reality Editor, you can create the same project through the Virtual Studio template. For more details, visit Reality Examples Project
To utilize the Initial Keyframe:
Example Node Tree and APM
  • Launch the MainLevel map of the RealityExamples template
  • Create the node tree as shown above and activate the APM
UserTransform Property of UserTrack Node
  • Select the UserTrack node, expand its Input property group, and change the UserTransform property values as shown above
Keygrame Type
  • Create a new Action, add the UserTrack node to the Action Timeline
  • Right-click on the Property Circle of UserTransform, select the Add Keyframe
  • Scrub Playhead to second 2, add another keyframe
  • Select the first keyframe, and change the keyframe type to Initial, as demonstrated in the above image
  • Select the second keyframe, change its interpolation to EaseInOut
Playing animation in this state will not render anything.
To see the effect:
  • Select the UserTransform node, activate the GamePad button
  • Hover your mouse over the GamePad, change the Camera view
  • Click on the Play button
Now, pressing the Action Timeline Play button takes your camera's latest position and animates it with EaseInOut interpolation within 2 seconds of your Initial Keyframe's location.
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