Tutorial RGraphs

Tutorial RGraphs allow you to control Reality Engine Projects Templates such as Business Graphics, News Graphics, Channel Branding, Weather Graphics, and a project for Text Effects feature.

In the following example, we are using the Channel Branding project template along with the Tutorial - Channel Branding RGraph.

To utilize the Tutorial RGraphs:

  • Launch the Reality Editor

  • In the Unreal Project Browser, select the Broadcast Graphics and click on the Next button as shown in the image above

  • Select the Channel Branding and click on the Next button

  • Define your Project Settings and click on the Create Project button

  • Reality Editor is ready with the Channel Branding template, as shown in the image above. Now press to Play button.

  • Login to RealityHub User Interface

  • Activate the Nodegraph/Actions module

  • Click on the Nodegraph Menu

  • Go to Load Template and select the Tutorial - Channel Branding

  • Confirm the loading of Tutorial Channel Branding by clicking on the Yes button

Tutorial - Channel Branding RGraph template is successfully loaded. The next step is loading the Template Form belonging to our project.

To do that:

  • Activate the Form Builder module

  • Click on the Import button

  • In the Import Template Form window, click on the Template File button

  • Select the Lower Third.jxd file

The default location for the Lower Third.jxd file is C:\RealityWorkspace\Reality\Projects

  • Click on the Import button

  • Define the Channels and click on the OK button. Last action imports the Lower Third.jxd file.

  • Click on the Open Form button.

  • Find the Lower Third template form and click on the Select button

The Lower Third template form is ready. Click on the Save button on the top right corner.

  • In the Nodegraph, select the Mixer node, right-click on its Program output pin, go to Monitor -1, and select the Channel - A

  • Activate the Playout module

  • Find the Lower Third template form in the Playout Template Form Area.

  • Drag and drop the Lower Third to Rundown area

  • Click on the IN BOTM TEXT button inside the Rundown. As the image above shows, Lower Third is updated and transmitting your design.

You can customize the Channel Branding by adding different properties and functions within the project's scope.

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