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AJA Video Card Configuration

To activate AJA Video Card, you need to install the driver. Before installing the driver, please go to ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS and make sure that there is no previous installation of AJA Driver or any AJA Video Card-related software such as AJA Installer.
If there are any items listed related to AJA, please remove all these software and drivers. Considering that there are no AJA-related items listed, now the sys” you can see your new AJA card details.

Using Video Card Tools

After successfully installing the AJA driver, please check the video signal to diagnose if the video card works properly. If you use the AJA Video card, you can run "cables.exe," which is located Reality installation .iso folder.
If your signal comes correctly without any cables issue or anything else, you will see a signal on cables monitoring tools. See the picture below:
Unless so, you’ll see that there is no signal. If there is an issue, you should see the following screen.
In this case, please check the cables and if the driver is installed correctly.

Firmware Version Check

If you just installed a brand new AJA Video Card, you might need to update the recommended firmware for Reality Engine Suite. If you use an AJA Video Card, which was already used by another Reality Engine, you might not need this check. To check the AJA Card Firmware version, run "cables.exe," which is located in the Reality installation .iso folder. Select the AJA Video card from the list as shown in the image above (All the installed AJA cards on that computer will be displayed). Under the "Info" tab, Driver Version and Video Bitfile display the currently installed drivers and firmware running on Corvid44-8K (Corvid 44 12G BNC) card under the " Info " tab. The name of the card is displayed under Device INFO.
Similarly, the below image shows details running on the Corvid44 BNC card.
The below image shows running on the Corvid88 card.
Driver version is the same for all the cards variants, but the firmware is different for each card.

Update AJA Card Firmware

If the AJA Firmware Bitfile update date is different than as shown above, you should update the firmware. In Windows Explorer, go to the AJA folder, which is located Reality installation .iso folder, and on the "Address Bar," you will see as below:
Click on the Address Bar area to select the entire path.
Type "cmd", and hit "Enter" on the keyboard to open the "Command Prompt" as shown below:
In the command prompt, based on the AJA Video card variant you want to update the firmware, type the text (Firmware Name) as mentioned below:

AJA Video I/O Board Firmware

Card Variant
Firmware Name
Corvid44 12G BNC
ntv2firmwareinstaller.exe -p corvid44_12g_8k_2019-10-25.bit
Corvid 44 BNC
ntv2firmwareinstaller.exe -p corvid_44_2019-10-15.bit
ntv2firmwareinstaller.exe -p corvid_88_2019-10-14.bit
ntv2firmwareinstaller.exe -p kona5_8k_2019-10-15.bit
As an example, the Corvid88 firmware update is shown below:
Wait for the firmware installation and make sure the firmware is properly installed. After the firmware installation power cycle is highly recommended for the Reality Engine(s)
Here are the steps to the power cycle for the Reality Engine(s):
  1. 1.
    Turn off the Reality Engine(s) and unplug the power cable.
  2. 2.
    Wait at least 30 seconds.
  3. 3.
    Plug in the power cable to Reality Engine(s) and turn it back on. The power cycle process is done.