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Flow Control

The job of flow control nodes is a way of provided to flow of executions control. There are several types of the flow control node in Reality Setup Application. Let's learn what kind of flow control we have.
Trigger node is a function starter. The trigger starts any function as manual. Just connect it and click trigger whenever you want.
Conditional Trigger
Conditional trigger node works according to a condition. When that condition has become true, the true output will work one time, if it is false, the false output will work.
Delayed Trigger
Basically it is a delay node. If this node has started it spends delay property value of "DelayedEventTrigger". When delay has finished this node sends the signal to "DelayedEventReceiver" and make it works.
Delayed Receiver
This node is working only when "DelayedEventTrigger" spends its delay times.
If condition is true execution goes true, if condition is false execution goes false.
It toggles between the execution outputs. Output A executes When it called the first time. Second-time output B.
FlipFlop node also has IsA boolean output. You can track when output A has been called.
This node executes multiple outputs with a single execute. Outputs work together but in order. Sequence node may have any number of outputs.
The "MultiGate" node takes one execution input and routs it to any output. The "MultiGate" node works respectively as default. This node also has index property. If you want to execute it with your rule you can do it with use index property.