Reality 4.27
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Exporting Custom Blueprint Node

Reality Engine supports custom nodes on Reality API. To export a custom node into the Reality API, a new class derived from ZDBlueprintNode must be created.
The blueprint class must be derived from ZDBlueprintNode class.


  • To create a new blueprint node asset, Click ADD NEW then BLUEPRINT CLASS
  • Pick ZDBlueprintNode as parent class, which you can find it under All Classes
  • Object classes can be renamed, like MyBlueprintNode.
  • Scroll down, click Exports under Reality tab.
  • Click ➕ under Nodes tab, select the Node Class and close the Project Settings window.
  • Launch the Reality Control and press F7 to launch Reality Setup.
  • Click Play on Reality Editor.
  • Right click space on Reality Setup. Click CREATE → MY CATEGORY → MYDISPLAYNAME
  • Your node will be shown on Reality Editor.