HP Performance Advisor

HP Performance Advisor is a utility created by HP which provides detailed system information and access to the computer’s BIOS settings. It is recommended to download and install HP Performance Advisor via the following link: HP Performance Advisor

Install HP Performance Advisor to your Reality Engine Server. It will be installed by default in C:\Program Files (x86)\HP Performance Advisor\Advisor.exe

All the BIOS settings, GPU settings can be performed using this tool. Launch HP Performance Advisor and click on "Your Software".

Setting the Power Plan

  • Your computer

  • Settings

  • Apply the Ultimate Performance Power Plan: Turn to ON

Performing Factory Default BIOS Settings

  • Your Computer

  • Bios Settings

  • Restore Factory Default

Finishing Factory Default BIOS Settings

  • Select Yes and Reboot

Setting Idle Fan Speed

  • Your Computer

  • Bios Settings

  • Advanced

  • Built-In Devices Options

  • Increase Idle Fan Speed (%): 100

Setting BIOS Energy

  • Your Computer

  • Bios Settings

  • Advanced

  • Power Management Options

  • BIOS Energy/Performance Bias: Performance

Setting Workload Configuration

  • Your Computer

  • Bios Settings

  • Advanced System Options

  • Workload Configuration: I/O Focused

The machine will restart after all changes have been made.

Exporting Configuration

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