Updating RealityEngine AMPERE

Zero Density provides the fastest and easiest way to reset and restore your RealityEngine AMPERE. Thanks to its all-in-one holistic approach, you have to spend no time and energy finding the certified version of the operating system, supported drivers, BIOS version, updates, etc.

Zero Density delivers the operating system with exclusive adjustments and updated certified drivers as an *.ISO file. Resetting and restoring RealityEngine AMPERE takes approximately 10 minutes, and it requires no intervention; the process is almost entirely automated.

Please keep that in mind; this process is exclusively for RealityEngine AMPERE.

Be aware! This process will reset your hard drives. Make sure that your essential data is backed-up. For RealityHub, please visit Database Backup and Restore


  • Min 16GB USB device


  • Login to your Zero Density Customer Account

  • Download the RE2022*.ISO file

  • Create a bootable USB flash drive with the ISO file you downloaded via the tool of your choice, such as Rufus

  • Plug the USB into your RealityEngine AMPERE

  • Restart Windows

  • Press F12 > Find and boot your USB

You will be asked to select the Installation Language; other than that, and every single step will be taken care of by the system itself. Windows restarts itself several times during the process, and it requires no intervention.

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