Exporting Custom Material Node

Using Material nodes exporting you can export any Reality Custom Material Nodes data into the Reality Setup. The user can specify parameters and passes to serve image computing on Reality API.


  • Click ADD NEW then REALITY then MATERIAL DEFINITION. You can rename material definition name. Double click click to asset.

  • You can set parameters and passes on your asset. Do not forget that you need to write the NODE NAME and CATEGORY NAME here to be able to access on the nodegraph:

  • Click EDIT then PROJECT SETTINGS on top menu.

  • Scroll down, Click Exports under Reality category.

  • Click under Material Definitions tab. Select your Material. You have writtenal. Close the Project Settings window:

  • Click PLAY on Reality Editor.

  • Launch Reality Control and press F7 to launch Reality Setup. Right-click onto space. Click CREATE → SOME CATEGORY → CUSTOM NODE NAME

  • Custom Material node will be added onto Reality Setup graph.

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