Reality 4.27
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HAP Video Codec

HAP is a set of video codecs that performs decompression using a computer's graphics hardware, substantially reducing the CPU usage necessary to play video. It has become the standard for high performance, high-resolution movie playback on media servers, live video performance, and event visuals.
For more details, please visit: HAP Video
Reality 4.27 includes the HAP codec plugin, and it must be enabled for GPU accelerated encoding. Movies that are encoded with the HAP codecs are typically exported into standard *.mov or *.avi. There are four different flavors of HAP to choose from when encoding your clips:
Codec Format
Has the lowest data-rate and reasonable image quality.
HAP Alpha
Has the same image quality as HAP, and supports an Alpha channel.
Has improved image quality, at the expense of larger file sizes.
HAP Q Alpha
Has improved image quality and an Alpha channel, at the expense of larger file sizes.
The HAP codecs are designed to fit the needs of a variety of real-time video workflows where the ultra-high-resolution video is needed such as live event production. Along with the ability to work at extremely high resolutions, the HAP codecs also include pro video features like alpha channel support and high-quality modes.
Media clips played with UE Media player node must be encoded with proper format and settings, we have provided Hap video preset for Adobe Media Encoder which can be downloaded in these sections. This preset will export the media with the settings for best quality and performance to be played with UE Media player in Reality.
Please make sure that HAP encoders are installed on your PC successfully before importing presets.

HAP Video Presets for Adobe Media Encoder

To download the latest HAP video presets for Adobe Creative Cloud products, please visit: GitHub - HAP Encoder Adobe CC

Exporting Media in Adobe Software Using Presets

Where to copy *.epr preset file on your system:
Generally, the location for these presets are under theC:\Users\<your logon user name>\Documents\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder\<Version number>\Presets folder. If you don’t find this path on your computer, then please try to locate the “Presets” folder under the Adobe root folder and paste the *.epr file there.
For exporting media from Adobe Media Encoder:
  • Launch the Adobe Media Encoder
  • Add the project you wish to encode and follow steps as explained below:
Select HAP Video from the drop-down list of encoding formats. Associated Hap presets will appear beside the list only when HAP Video is selected.
Select the desired preset from the list. These preset contain standard settings:
You can customize the settings further as per your requirements by clicking on the preset itself as shown below:
You will see the Export Settings section with many different parameters which you can customize.
The customized settings will not be updated to the original preset. You need to save it with a different name.
The HAP presets will show up in the Preset list only when the HAP Video format is selected.