Reality 4.27
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Build #65 / Build Date: January 4, 2022
Reality Engine 4.27 now comes with extended, ready-to-use Broadcast Graphics project templates such as Channel Branding.
Text Effects feature is also added, which you can easily create typographic animations per character.
You can explore and control all new templates via the latest RealityHub 1.2, including Template Forms and related RGraphs.
New Features
  • Channel Branding template added to Broadcast Graphics category.
  • Text Effects feature allows you to create typographic animations per character.
  • You can check the Text Effects sample project under the Broadcast Graphics category.
  • [Experimental] New CubeXR node is added. With this node, you can create an extended reality with the inner frustum video projection technique on the left, right, and bottom planes of a cubic video wall setup.

New OS Installation Package for RealityEngine AMPERE

RealityEngine AMPERE users can now download the ISO image from the Zero Density Support Portal and install the Windows 10 OS from a USB drive.
The installed image includes all the device drivers, firmware updates, and all OS settings with a certified Windows 10 build.
Resetting and restoring RealityEngine AMPERE takes approximately 10 minutes and it requires no intervention; the process is entirely automated. For more details, please visit: Resetting and Restoring RealityEngine AMPERE

Certified Drivers, OS

Nvidia GPU Drivers
Operating System
Windows 10, version 21H2
P61 v02.75
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