Adding Groups

RealityHub allows you to group your Hosts to control various features, such as launching all Engines simultaneously or assigning channels to a group of Engines.

It is an essential feature for multiple engine configurations.

When you choose the Groups for the first time, it looks like the image above.

To add a Group:

  • Go to Main Menu and select the Configuration.

  • Select the Groups under the Engines.

  • Click on the + (Plus) button to Add New Host Group.

  • Define a New Group Name in the pop-up menu and click OK.

To Assign an Engine(s) to the Group you defined:

  • Select the Group you defined earlier.

  • Go to the Assigned Engine section.

  • Click on + (Plus) button inside the Assign Engines to the Group.

  • In the pop-up menu, click on the Engine name, then click Select

You can select multiple engines individually by pressing the CTRL button. For a bulk selection, press the SHIFT button on your keyboard.

Your Host Group is ready.