Reality Loader

Reality Loader is an agent for Reality Hub where you enable communication between Reality Hub and your Engine(s).

Reality Loader must be installed on every Reality Engine & Unreal Engine Vanilla.

Upgrading or downgrading RealityHub requires you to do the same with Reality Loader, you must keep RealityHub and Reality Loader versions identical.


RealityHub UI should be open to download Reality Loader. To initiate the process:

  • Login to Reality Hub

  • Open the Main Menu and select Configuration

  • Go to General > Configuration on the left panel

  • Under the Maintenance section, click the Download link next to Reality Loader, as illustrated above.

80 is the default port used by the RealityHub Server. If you change the default port during the installation, your login address should be http://<RealityHub Server IP Address>:<RealityHub Server Port>


After downloading Reality Loader, start the installation by launching the setup file.

  • Click Next after accepting the terms and conditions.

  • Choose the installation destination and click Next.

  • Specify a RealityHub URL and logging target, or accept the default settings and click Install.

RealityHub URL: HTTP IP Address and Port for communication with RealityHub Server. This IP must be the same as the computer that you installed RealityHub Server.

Let's assume that your Reality Hub Server is located on a server configuration with the IP number 192.168. 0.1, your Engine's IP Address is 192.168. 0.2, and Reality Hub client is located on 192.168. 0.3.

In such a scenario, your Reality Hub Client will be controlling the Engine host by connecting to the Reality Hub Server, therefore, your RealityHub URL must be looking at the Reality Hub Server, in other word it is 192.168. 0.1.

  • Logging IP: Multicast address to broadcast logs.

  • Logging Port: This is the Port you can set for broadcast logs.

Please keep that in mind; the 6001 is the fixed port for the RealityHub Server and the Reality Loader communication.

  • Click Finish to complete the installation and make sure that the Launch Reality Loader checkbox is selected.

The Reality Loader Command Panel will appear when your installation is successful, as shown in the image above.

Keeping the Reality Loader window open (it can be minimized) is indispensable for enabling communication between the RealityHub Server and the Engine(s).

When you click on the RealityHub version number, Connected Loaders are listed in the popup menu, shown in the image above.

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