Utilizing ZD MOS Plugin

Before starting, make sure you have designed your Template Forms.

  • Go to Octopus Menu, and select an item from the Rundows dropdown.

  • Click on the MOS button as shown above.

  • Activate the ZD MOS Plugin in the selected rundown as illustrated above. This action automatically adds Octopus rundown item to the Newsroom rundown.

  • Double-click on a MOS Rundown Item.

  • Right-click inside the text field, go to New > Create Using ZD Plugin as illustrated above.

Using the Create Using ZD Plugin pops up a RealityHub MOS Window inside the MOS User Interface as visualized above. Now:

  • Select your Template Form, optionally you can modify it.

  • Click on the Save button as displayed above.

Your last action (Saving) creates the following conditions as illustrated above:

  1. Adds a MOS Object to its own section.

  2. Activates the Add MOS Item to the Story button.


  • Click on the Add MOS Item to the Story button.

Adding a MOS Item to your Story turns its status into green, as displayed above.

  • Close the Octopus ZD Plugin and switch to RealityHub User Interface.

  • Go to Main Menu > Windows > Newsroom

  • Click on the Open Rundown button.

  • Select the MOS Rundown item in the Choose a Rundown window as shown above.

Now RealityHub Template Form is integrated into Octopus and is ready to air.

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