Database Backup and Restore

RealityHub stores your Rgraphs (*.rgraph), Actions (*.rha), and Forms (*.jxd) inside the dbdata folder in the following default file path:

C:\ProgramData\Zero Density\RealityHub

Database Backup

To back up your database:

  • Go to Windows > Services

  • Right-click on the RealityHub Database service and select the stop

  • Right-click on the RealityHub Service service and select the stop

  • Go to C:\ProgramData\Zero Density\RealityHub

  • Copy and paste the dbdata and backups folder to a different directory for restoring.

The image above shows the default dbdata folder path. If you change the database folder path during the Installation and Configuration, make sure that you check that specific folder path.

Database Restore

Please keep that in mind; restoring a database is possible with matching RealityHub versions. Trying to restore different versions of backups, such as from 1.2 to 1.3, may disrupt RealityHub’s functionality.

To restore your database:

  • Stop all the Engines and quit from RealityHub

  • Go to Windows > Services

  • Stop the RealityHub Database and RealityHub Service

  • Go to the C:\ProgramData\Zero Density\RealityHub

  • Delete the freshly installed dbdata and backups folders and paste your backup.

  • Go to Windows > Services

  • Start the RealityHub Database and RealityHub Service