Incrementing and Changing Decimals

Incrementing/Decrement Factor

In Reality Hub terminology, the increment factor refers to the amount of change in the value. When you want to change the value of a floating property, you can utilize the increase or decrease increment factor for better fine-tuning.

This feature is handy when you fine-tune sensitive values such as depth of field or equivalent properties that require minor revisions.

To utilize the increment factor for a property, press and hold the CTRL button while dragging the mouse to the left or right.

To use the decrement, press and hold the SHIFT button while dragging the mouse to the left or right.

Changing Decimals

Reality Hub allows you to change decimal numbers individually by using keyboard arrow keys.

To set an example, consider you have a property value of 650, and you want to change the tens digit increasingly, such as to 660, then 670, and 680, etc.

You can employ the decimals feature instead of typing numbers manually or fine-tuning the Increment Factor.

To do that:

  • Go to a property that contains a numerical value.

  • Click on the left side of a number you want to change.

  • Use your up and down arrow keys on your keyboard.

You can use the up and down arrow buttons on your keyboard to adjust the highlighted 0 (zero), as demonstrated in the image above.

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