From Reality 4.27 to 5.3

Reality 5.3 now comes with Unreal Engine 5.3 features support.


You can now make use of the majority of plugins that are compatible with Unreal Engine 5.3.

Engine Control Node

  • The Engine Control node is no longer available. Instead, each Engine is treated as a process and is listed under the Engines tab. (Image 1)

ZD Actors

  • ZD Actors are also no longer available. Each item listed in the Reality World Outliner will be automatically synchronized and can be controlled and animated within RealityHub 1.4. (Image 2)

Properties and Functions

  • Properties and Functions are now showing the Nodes and Engines if you are using Reality 5.3. Functions are listed in the Nodes section. (Image 3)

  • Exporting UMG's and reimporting them are no longer necessary. New workflow offers selecting and spawning UMG's directly into your scene. (Image 4)

  • Your blueprint will not become node inside the Reality Hub's Nodegraph module since Reality World Outliner contains all your Blueprints. (Image 5)

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