General Engine Configuration

General Engine Configuration has three sections, Engine Ping, RGraph, and Shared DDC, as shown above:

Engine Ping

  • Engine Timeout (seconds): It is the place where you define the period of Engine timeout; in other words, it refers to the duration that RealityHub waits for a response from the Engine before identifying changes in its state.

  • Engine Ping Interval (seconds): Defines the length of time the RealityHub waits between ping packets.


This setting allows you to define the minimum time between history saves.

Shared DDC

Shared DDC (Derived Data Cache) is a network drive that all Engines can read/write derived data. RealityHub allows you to define which storage your Engines will use for the derived data cache by defining a UNC Path. It can log in to the Shared DDC network through your Username and Password.

  • Enabled: When you activate the Enabled checkbox, your Engines reach your Shared DDC and can read/write.

  • Path: Area for defining the UNC Path for Shared DDC.

  • Username and Password: Administrative credentials of the computer your Derived Data Cache is located

Please remember that the Path you define must be a UNC Path.

Your Engines must have administrative rights to reach the Shared DDC.

For more details about Shared DDC, please visit: