Project Scanning

Project Scanning (also referred to as Folder Scanning) is an essential operation that can be done through the Launcher and Configuration Modules.

Project Scanning operation allows you to discover available projects and assets in your local folders, or shared storages.

It is also an inseparable part of synchronizing information between local and shared storage, ensuring that files on both systems remain up to date.

If you make any changes in the project content or folder structure during a design stage, it would be helpful to proceed with scanning.


You can scan your project via the Scan button in the Configuration > Shared Folders section, as shown above.

When you add a new Shared Folder Path, RealityHub offers to scan the Project Source as shown above.

You can also conduct scanning via its dedicated Scan button in the Launch Configuration, as illustrated above.

Scanning via Launcher Module or Shared Folders Configuration bears the same result.